Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clonmac's Bridge, Now in Paperback

"Clonmac's Bridge" is now available in paperback.

If you choose to buy in that format, please consider using this Amazon-affiliated link:

Clonmac paperback, CreateSpace eStore

For those who might prefer the regular Amazon website page/link (where you can also get the Kindle version):

Clonmac paperback, Amazon

(Either way, the delivery process is the same.)

 From a Goodreads review:

Fascinating, detailed and complex, an investigation that takes us from the present day back to 9th century Ireland. An involved plot admirably probed by Griffin Clonmac and Mari his Peruvian assistant; an absorbing, mysterious archaeological thriller.” - Lili

“A maritime archaeologist raises a medieval monastery span from the mud of the River Shannon, sunken for 1,200 years... and finds it perfectly preserved.

What could account for this astounding longevity? Why are his colleagues, the Irish government, and the Church so desperate to prevent him learning the secret? And why is his consummate lover his greatest enemy?

Griffin Clonmac will go through hell to find out.

He won’t go alone. Inspired by a real discovery, Clonmac’s Bridge shifts between contemporary times and 9th century Ireland. It tells the story of two men who struggle against envy and mediocrity — a millennium apart — aided only by a loyal helpmate and an unconquerable will.

An archaeological thriller, a love story, and a pensée on society then and now, Jeffrey Perren fans are sure to find this latest novel his best yet.”

Get your copy at Amazon today.

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